How to accelerate the green transition by digitalisation

Companies around the world are starting to take action against climate change. Can digitalisation help us accelerate that transition? What are the largest hurdles and how far have we come? Can private companies hope to make a dent?

In this talk, Olivier will explain Electricity Maps’ journey and ambition to decarbonise the electricity¬†system, and will explain how it evolved from a small data visualisation project to an established company having global reach, thanks in part to collaborations with the academic world.

He will give specific examples on how data can be used to accelerate the transition to a truly decarbonised power system, and how it can be used to call out creative accounting practices.

He will touch upon the topic of flexibility and carbon-aware computing: a new concept that can enable tech companies to reduce their carbon footprint..

Olivier Corradi

Olivier is a statistician, machine learning engineer and entrepreneur focussed on finding scalable solutions to climate change.

He founded Electricity Maps with the mission to organise the world’s electricity data to drive the transition towards a truly decarbonised electricity system.

Electricity Maps is the leading resource for granular electricity data. They are used, for example, by Google to shift the timing of compute tasks running on their hyperscale data centers to times when low-carbon power sources, like wind and solar, are most plentiful.